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While fully retaining its traditional look, our church was refurbished in 2011/12, giving us such desirable things as toilets and a warm church in winter! More importantly it has made it a very usable space for worship, and also for other activities for the church and the local community - the pews have been put on lockable wheels, which means that for special events they can be reoriented or moved out of the way.


There is good parking available, but please note this is not at the entrance nearest to the village centre. Instead please drive round the road on the north side of the church towards the west (tower) end.


For further information on the history of the church please click here, and on the 2011/12 reordering please click here.

St John the Baptist Church, Littlehempston

Our pattern of services   Please see the Sunday Services page for more details

We normally all join together for a shared service in one of our churches when there is a 5th Sunday of the month.


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