Dart Valley Mission Community

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The Dart Valley Mission Community consists of five Church of England parishes in the Dart Valley in South Devon. We work together, seeking to bear witness to Jesus and to provide centres of worship, love and service for our local communities. We share a vicar, the Revd Tom Benson - contact details for him and for other members of the ministry team can be found on the contact page. From 1st November 2018 we shall join with the parishes of South Brent and Rattery to form the Dart and Avon Mission Community (for which a new website is under preparation). The launch service is on Sunday November 18th at 10.30am at St Petroc's Church, South Brent.


The three parishes of Landscove, Littlehempston and Staverton have a joint service together on the 1st Sunday of the month, and all five parishes normally join together for a shared service in one of our churches when there is a 5th Sunday of the month.


The parishes are:-


  St Luke’s, Buckfastleigh


          St Matthew’s, Landscove


                  St Paul de Leon, Staverton


                          St George the Martyr, Dean Prior


                                  St John the Baptist, Littlehempston

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The parishes of Broadhempston and Woodland, (formerly part of the same group of parishes as Staverton, LIttlehempston and Landscove), are now part of the Beacon Parishes Mission Community

NB This map shows the location of the churches, but the boundary of the map does not correspond with the boundaries of the parish areas.

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